Site-specific sound installation:
Gill, Frances, in collaboration with

• Abdi-Noor Mohamed and his family
• Theatre group “Syrien och solen” and the family of Fateh Alnassan
• Kronoberg archaeological society
• Träklang recorder group
• Väckelsång adult (church) choir
• Hade Edge Band (UK)
• Experimental heritage workshop groups
• Sandby borg excavation group 2017

SOUNDmound at Sandby borg. The site-specific sound installation at Sandby borg on Öland in Sweden called SOUNDmound at Sandby borg is available to visitors throughout the year and is free to visit. I have worked targeting different social groups to provide a hybrid of people in the mix as a model for social change and as process for social cohesion. The site is the Iron Age ring fort called Sandby borg where archaeologists recently uncovered the scene of an massacre to the late 5th century where it is believed maybe up to two hundred people had been murdered, including children. This is a sensitive topic referred to as “difficult” or “dissonant” heritage. Working at the intersection of art and archaeology a group of us are exploring experimental heritage on Öland which also happens to be an UNESCO site. One theme we have worked with is life and death which is particularly poignant at this particular site since the historical massacre resonates fiercely with the violence of the contemporary world and being human.

Flute teaching:
Academy of Music and Business (AMB), Tingsryd

Mother Flute

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